Digital ARS Voting vs. Traditional Feedback Forms

How happy are your staff?

At CLiKAPAD, we often work with companies that are used to using conventional voting and feedback methods, such as paper forms. If they’re reluctant to let go of their tried-and-tested methods, here are the top reasons why an Audience Response System (ARS) is universally a better option.

1 – Better voter engagement

Not only do many people enjoy the novel feeling of using a handset to cast a vote, being able to see the results almost instantly provides a gratification boost that can’t be matched with a paper form. This means a higher percentage of responses for each question you ask, leading to more data that paints a more accurate picture overall.

2 – Honest responses

Peer pressure and “group think” are very real phenomena and can easily skew a vote. In the time it takes to complete a paper feedback form, respondents can have the opportunity to confer with fellow participants and modify their original thoughts.

Although this may not be completely eliminated with an electronic vote, the pace of providing multiple, single-button responses minimises this dramatically. Plus, anonymity allows respondents to give their honest opinion without fear of repercussion.

3 – Faster results tallying

CLiKAPAD handsets report votes immediately, allowing you to see the results as soon as the voting window has closed. Even if you choose not to display the results in your live presentation, the data is instantly available and won’t need to be manually scanned or assessed.

4 – No room for error

The more that feedback forms are transported, counted or managed by actual people, the more opportunity there is for human error. Save yourself the effort and uncertainty of a recount or loss of data with a quick, digital system where the votes are only in the hands of your voters.

5 – Low-cost

Printing and distributing high volumes of paper forms can get expensive (particularly if they get discarded and aren’t even used). It’s also not great for the environment. Buying or renting an ARS might have a higher initial outlay, but the system can be used again and again without producing waste.

If you’re interested in how your organisation might benefit from swapping traditional feedback methods for an ARS, please get in touch. We have extensive experience working in various industries and all kinds of events, and would be delighted to discuss your ideas and requirements.