Stimulating Interest In Lectures After Freshers’ Week

Anyone who works at a university is probably about to get swept up in the throes of Freshers’ Week, where the new intake of students get to know each other and take part in a range of activities planned by the university to help everyone make friends and get to know their way around. It can be a very unsettling time starting at university, so once Freshers’ Week is over, the responsibility falls to the lecturers to help everyone settle in as quickly as possible.

It is best to create a consistent routine so that everyone knows where they stand. Don’t keep chopping and changing the room or the time of the lecture in the first few weeks, as this will confuse everyone and make it all more daunting. The best way to get everyone into the swing of things is to give them a schedule of the term to come so that they know what to expect and it won’t be so unknown and intimidating.

Using an audience response system as part of your lectures is a great way to create and maintain a routine. This is still a relatively novel system, so it will help create a level of interest in the group. After the excitement of Freshers’, you can’t expect students to be inspired by an hour of monotonous talking, so getting them engaged with a CLiKAPAD system is the best way to make them feel more involved and feel like part of the group.

Starting from the outset with CLiKAPAD also gives you the opportunity to monitor the progress of the group over the term to enable you to record the improvements and identify any issues with the course material. This means that everyone knows where they stand and ultimately, the grades in your class should benefit from this extra interaction.

For more information about CLiKAPAD for students, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to explain further.